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Water Misting Cannon


Dust is a globally recognized problem with dust formed in the process of work activities now recognised as a significant contributor to ill-health

As a means of control water-suppression reduces dust clouds but needs to be applied correctly and throughout the duration of the work activity to be effective.

Traditional water-jet dust suppression systems generate water droplets with typically a 1000 micron average diameter; these large droplets are simply not able to capture the much smaller - but troublesome – dust particles which typically have a circa 80 micron diameter.  Furthermore water-jets tends to pass through the dust cloud and produce high levels of residual moisture and water pooling on the ground.

Dust Fighter DF Smart Misting Cannon

DF Ecology has developed a water-mist dust suppression system that is an improvement over conventional jets or water-sprays. 


The Dust Fighter (DF) Smart is a high capacity misting fan which produces finely divided “Nebulized” water droplets in the size range 40-120 micron diameter.  At this size they can easily combine themselves with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air. 

Moreover because water-mists “float” more than a conventional spray it covers and envelops the dust cloud more effectively.

The DF Smart also uses water more economically.

 The throughput of water can be adjusted to suit the application, and the smaller droplet size which the DF Smart generates reduces pooling on the ground.


As with all our equipment the DF Smart is roll up, plug in, and switch on” requiring only connection to 110v power and a water supply.  The DF Smart can also be used for cooling purposes, or without water misting simply as a high capacity ventilator.


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the "Dustfighter" DF Smart Water Misting Cannon.

DF Technical Details:

Water Usage: 

1.0 bar - 3.6 L/min
1.5 bar - 4.5 L/min
2.0 bar - 5.0 L/min
2.5 bar - 5.8 L/min

Airflow 5400 m3/hr

Tilt Range 10 – 50 degrees

Reach 13 metres (without wind)

Voltage 110v, Current Draw Running 20 amps.

Weight 77kg, Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 985 x 785 x 835

Vortex 440 Misting Cannon / Odour Suppressant

Sometimes it is not practicable to have a misting cannon constantly connected to a supply hose, but dust suppression is still required.  

The Vortex 440 is a solution to this - it has an integral tank which allows it to operate for 3.5 hours between refills in typical use, or for over 2 hours at maximum misting capacity.

Refill is easy - either top up the tank through the large diameter cap, or connect a hose to the auto-refill; if left connected the Vortex 440 can then generate a constant mist.


The Vortex 440 is also used for cooling purposes, with a de-odouriser to suppress unpleasant smells, and without water-misting simply as a ventilator.

The Vortex runs off a 110v supply, and draws 10 amps.

It is wheeled into place and is ideal for indoor and close-proximity outdoor work.

It generates mists with a small droplet size in the range 5 - 30 microns which minimises pooling.


This is a "roll-up, plug-in, switch-on" product.


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the      Vortex 440 Misting and Odour Suppression Cannon.


Vortex 440 Technical Details:

Mist Output 0 - 30 litres/hr (user controllable)

Airflow 5400 M3/hr

Tilt Range 0 / 15 / 30 / 45 degrees

Reach 11 metres (without wind)

Voltage 110v, Current Draw Running 10 amps

Weight 41kg, Dimensions (LxWxHmm) 650 x 560 x 1180


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