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Envirogard - Specialist Equipment Hire Service

Welcome to Envirogard's website, which has been designed to:

(a) assist you with information about the hire products we offer.
(b) help you understand what the products are and what they do.
(c) make it easy for you to locate a depot and contact us.

Having viewed this website if you would like further information please 
contact us by email or phone.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you might have.

You can collect hire equipment from our depots or we can arrange delivery to you - the map in the sidebar shows coverage for delivery within UK 

Our product range covers the following categories: 

Decontamination Shower Units.

We operate a hire fleet in excess of 150+ decontamination units.

Predominantly mobile trailer type units (most units are towable by mid-sized car or van) these can easily be relocated and are available for short or long-term hire.

If sites lack basic utility services we can provide ancillary equipment to fulfill the site services role (water bowsers, water supply pumps, generators) or we can supply self-contained decontamination units which carry their own supply of clean water + integral generator.

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Dust Suppression Water Misting Cannons.

We stock mist cannons from small trolley mounted cannons that can be used indoors through to large trailer mounted cannons for outdoor applications. 

Hire units either operate from 110v site power - or are self-contained, powered by an onboard engine.

A number of models include water tanks; these can be moved around site and used independently for several hours before refill.  Models without tanks are frugal in their use of water and will operate using the supply available from a 1/2 inch hose.

Hire units are available for periods as short as 3 days, so you can easily scale up or scale down the mix and number of units required as your project progresses.


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Specialist Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment.

High Efficiency Particle Attenuation - HEPA - vacuum cleaners allow collection of settled dust with minimal disturbance and maximum efficacy.

We hire specialist HEPA grade vacuums, cleanroom vacuums, and H-Type vacuums, as well as wet pick-up vacuums.

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Air Ventilation, Extraction, and Dust Filtration Equipment.

We provide hire equipment for handling "air" - this ranges from simple air movement, through air-scrubbing units, to high efficiency dust filtration equipment; we can provide equipment which will remove up to 99.995% of particulates down to 0.3 micron in size.

We offer machines with individual capacities up to 5,000 m3/hr that can be used alone as self-standing units, or operated in conjunction with multiple other units for jobs requiring large capacity air movement - with or without filtration.

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Ancillary Site Equipment.

Many sites lack even basic utility services therefore we offer a range of ancillary products compatible with our main lines of equipment including:


- portable diesel generators

- bowser pressure washers

- water supply pumps

- bootwash stations

- smoke generators

- 110v transformers, extension cables, splitter boxes etc etc 

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Hire Locations

Hire equipment is available for use throughout the UK. Envirogard provides delivery to the areas in dark blue; third party transport services provide delivery to areas in light blue - please enquire for prices.
You can also collect for free from our hire depots. Click Here to find our locations.

Hire Enquiries

ASHFORD 01303 814 930
MANCHESTER 01613 208 587
BARNSLEY 01226 740 900
TAMWORTH 01827 304 955
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