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Dust & Odour Control Water Misting Cannons - Portable


Envirogard hires both small portable and large towable water misting units for dust and odour suppression.


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Dust Fighter AIO Misting Cannon

The Dust Fighter AIO (All-In-One) is an advanced version of the original DF Smart portable mist cannon.  It is designed for customers who need a complete solution for dust suppression or odour control in locations where a water connection is not readily available. 

It can be used as a ground static unit, elevated on a platform or building (which increases its range and coverage) or even mounted on a vehicle with a generating set.

The AIO combines a misting fan with a 1000 litre IBC water tank and an electric pump.  Users only need to fill the tank with water and connect a 110v power supply (32A coupler) and the unit will discharge a fine mist of water droplets to suppress airborne dust. 

The AIO will operate for approx. 8.0 hours between refills or continuously if connected to a water supply - for continuous operation connect a 1/2" hose to the tank quick-coupling.  An auto-refill valve will keep the tank topped up without it overflowing.

Horizontal range is 15 metres (still air) and 6 metres vertically at ground level - the horizontal range increases when the unit is elevated above ground level e.g. placed on the upper floor of a building.

Click here for a Data Sheet on the Dust Fighter AIO.


Dust Fighter DF Smart Portable Misting Cannon

The DF Smart portable was originated by Italian company DF Ecologia.  Using water from a standard 1/2" hose and running on a 110v supply it produces finely divided water droplets in the size range 40-120 micron diameter. 

At this size the water droplets can easily combine with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air.  The water mist covers and envelops the dust cloud more effectively than a spray from a hose.

It's compact size means it can be easily handled by one person, simply wheeled into place - it can even pass through standard doors.  It's size makes it suitable for use inside buildings as well as outside.  It is frugal in it's use of water - a simple valve allows the user to throttle water throughput - and it won't stop running if water flow is restricted.

Click here for a Data Sheet on the DF Smart Portable.


DF Smart Tech Details:

Water Usage: 

3.0 bar - 2.0 L/min
4.0 bar - 2.2 L/min
5.0 bar - 2.5 L/min
6.0 bar - 2.7 L/min

[The DF Smart can also be equipped with a higher capacity spray delivering greater water throughput.]

Airflow 5400 m3/hr

Tilt Range 10 – 50 degrees

Reach 15 metres (without wind)

Voltage 110v, Current Draw Running 20 amps.

Weight 77kg, Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 985 x 785 x 835

Dust Fighter DF Mini Mister

The DF Mini is for indoor or local outdoor applications and can be used for both dust suppression and odour control - odour-agents can be dosed direct to the water tank.  

It's a good solution for sites without water as its integral tank allows operation for several hours (up to 5 hrs depending on nozzles selected) between refills.

It's height adjustable telescopic mast, with the tilt facility of the mist head, throws a fine water mist up to 8 metres horizontally and the machine is extremely quiet in operation.

Simply fill the tank, wheel into place, and connect a 110v supply to operate 

Click here for a Data Sheet on the DF Mini Mister.

DF Mini Tech Details:

Water Usage: 

Brown Nozzle  0.22  L/min
Green Nozzle  0.42   L/min
Red Nozzle     0.88  L/min

Airflow: N/A - Airless Spray Delivery

Tilt Range: -15 to +25 degrees; reach 8 mtrs max.

Voltage: 110v, current draw running 5 amps, 550W.

Weight: dry 74kg, with full water tank 144kg.

Dimensions (mm) 710Lx600Wx1300H - 2150H (max).


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Hire equipment is available for use throughout the UK. Envirogard provides delivery to the areas in dark blue; third party transport services provide delivery to areas in light blue - please enquire for prices.
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